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I started out with a lot of issues with my jaw. A lot of popping, clicking, and lots of headaches and pain. Went to an ENT and they actually referred me here. Ever since I started with the appliance I've seen a noticeable difference.... I’ve probably had one or two headaches out of like every two or three months. Which is drastically different than a couple a day. There is no more popping, I don't really have as much soreness while eating. Overall it has been a really positive experience. Read more

- Charvey Smith

TMJ Review

A professional and wonderful practice! I contacted Dr. Jelink's office after he was recommended to me for my TMJ disorder by an ENT doctor. Because of stress associated with the pandemic, I awoke to a jaw that opens only a bit and considerable pain when eating. ... Dr. Jelinek's friendly receptionist made arrangements for me to be seen as soon as possible. The office is clean and very comfortable - and the staff is the friendliest of any office I've visited. Scheduling is easy and Dr. Jelinek and his staff take a generous amount of time to listen, ask questions, and answer questions. The proposed plan to address my TMJ disorder is clear and Dr. Jelinek is wonderful at explaining the anatomical reasons behind the pain. His treatment for TMS disorders is non-surgical. To make the visit even more pleasant, the parking is free/ample, scheduling is easy, and each patient area has huge windows looking out into the trees. I HIGHLY recommend this office for its services, attentiveness, and ease of scheduling/parking/etc. Thank you! Read more

- Caroline Danforth

TMJ Review

If possible, I would post 10 stars for Dr. Charles Jelinek and his entire staff! Why? Because it is richly deserved. I suffered a fall and hit my head 14 months ago, and went from being a very healthy 70 year old woman, to a woman who suffered daily excruciating head and jaw pain.... Months went by and I saw specialists after specialists, including internists, neurologists, and ENT doctors. Migraines, cluster headaches, and sinus infections were all ruled out as the source of my pain. Luckily, I have a great neurologist who really did his homework by ruling out other conditions that would cause the constant level 10 pain I was experiencing. Approximately 6 months, after another examination, he said I believe your head and jaw pain is coming from TMJ, and I am going to refer you to Dr. Charles Jelinek, who is the best and most knowledgeable of dentists in this complex, often misunderstood condition. I immediately contacted Dr. Jelinek's office, made my first appointment, and began my road to recovery!!! My first visit lasted 1 1/2 hours and involved extensive xrays and scans of my head, jaw and other dentist had ever taken this thorough of an approach. After reviewing all my tests, Dr. Jelinek spent 45 minutes going over in detail what my results were: A severe case of TMJ. Dr. Jelinek then ordered an appliance made to exact specifications based on the pertinent data from my tests. Fast forward to today, when I am celebrating my fifth month of wearing my lower mouth appliance 24/7, and rejoicing in the fact that my daily headaches have lessened to one or two a month, and my jaw pain is about 75% alleviated. For anyone out there who has TMJ and wants to alleviate the chronic head and jaw pain, run, don't walk, to see Dr. Jelinek. You will be greeted in the waiting room with fresh chocolate chip cookies, and warm smiling faces of his highly competent staff! Read more

- Bonnie Rekemeyer

TMJ Specialist

How often do you meet a dentist who gets excited and energized when you’re making progress? I admit I was jaded and skeptical about my TMJ plan. I was desperate after so many uncaring TMJ experts turned out to be a bandaid at best. This guy cares and his approach has changed ... my attitude about how much I can overcome the pain and side effects of TMJ. My results are beyond what I had imagined in my best case dreams. Still working towards a complete and lasting cure at 6 months. But I’m pain free in every sense and better every day. I’m confident I’ll get there for the first time ever. If you’re serious about getting this monkey off your back he’s your man. He gets my highest recommendation and thanks. Read more

- Heather Callahan

TMJ Review

Dr. Jelenik and his staff are all a pleasure to see, and I trust them. I’ve been in their treatment for around 1.5 - 2 months and already I don’t have the headaches, neck and shoulder aches, and the constant clicking and piercing pain in my jaws has subsided. ... Before I was having trouble eating! This is a process that will take some time, and I still have some other symptoms, but I can tell I’m heading in the right direction. I saw another doctor before I came to this office, and they wanted 3x as much money up front for the treatment! I would recommend Dr. Jelenik to anyone having TMJ pain and problems. Read more

- Heidi

Headaches can be dental-related, and triggered by conditions such as TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), and bruxism which is the grinding of the teeth at night. About eighty percent of all headaches tend to occur from muscle tension and are known as tension headaches. Most of these tension headaches originate from the straining of the muscles around the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), bad jaw alignment, poor posture or stress.

If it is suspected that your headaches are caused by TMD, or bruxism, then it’s important to have an evaluation by your dentist. Your dentist will do an overall evaluation of your teeth and TM joints. Frequently, the cause of the headaches might be your bite, and if so diagnosed, immediate treatment will involve the correction of your bite. Other treatment could include the learning of stress reduction techniques and the creation and use of custom appliances such as bite guards.

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