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The dental practice of Dr. H. Charles Jelinek is a premier general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Fairfax, Northern Virginia, offering TMJ treatment, bad breath treatment, gum disease treatment, and much more to Arlington and other area residents. Our patients always feel welcome at our dental practice because we treat them as we would treat our own families, with the utmost consideration, respect, and courtesy. In fact, many patients tell us they have never felt more comfortable and cared for in a dental office.

Oral Exams

Our patients often comment that they have never had such thorough new patient oral exams. They also comment on the thoroughness of our explanations. Because we are so dedicated to our patients, we want to make sure we dedicate as much time to you as possible; for this reason, we do not over-schedule. This gives us time to complete thorough oral examinations and catch potential problems such as gum disease before they become more serious. Moreover, many patients report to us that their previous dentist did not conduct oral cancer screenings.


Cleanings and dental hygiene are important parts of general dentistry. Professional cleanings help you maintain a healthy oral flora, which may prevent certain conditions, such as gum disease, from developing. For this reason we recommend that you undergo regular cleanings at our Fairfax, Northern Virginia dental practice.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is perhaps the single most important screening procedure at our dental practice. Oral cancer screening allows us to identify potentially cancerous tissues even before a person has any symptoms. By the time symptoms become apparent, it may be too late. For this reason, we offer oral cancer screenings which are manually performed by Dr. Jelinek; we do not use a machine. We believe this allows for the maximum accuracy when screening for oral cancer.

Tooth Extraction

Ancient dental tools were developed by our Paleolithic cave-dwelling forefathers as a means of extracting teeth.

Dr. H. Charles Jelinek extracts a damaged tooth by removing it from its socket in the jawbone. Dr. Jelinek may be able to salvage a damaged or decaying tooth with fillings, crowns, or other treatments, but if a damaged tooth is beyond repair, tooth extraction may be the only option.

Some of the common reasons for tooth extraction are extra teeth which block others from coming out, wisdom teeth, and the placement of braces. People who are receiving cancer drugs or who have infected teeth may also require tooth extraction.

Periodontal Care

Our Fairfax and Arlington-area dental practice also provides periodontal treatment. As one of our patients, you’ll undergo a thorough periodontal examination to determine potential problems. A lack of proper dental hygiene can lead to a buildup of bacteria, which may, in turn, cause gum disease and other complications.

Periodontal treatment may take many forms. Non-surgical periodontal treatment procedures include scaling, root planing, and dental cleanings to remove tartar buildups. Scaling and root planing are highly effective periodontal treatment procedures. Periodontal treatment may also take the form of surgery. In such cases, the tissue around your teeth will have to be repaired.

Gum Disease Treatment

Untreated gum disease may result in permanently damage to tissues. Early treatment of gum disease is critical in preventing infection and tooth loss. But Dr. Jelinek can only do so much in preventing gum disease from developing. In order for gum disease treatment to be effective, you must regularly brush and floss your teeth. You must also regularly come in for check-ups and cleanings and avoid or decrease tobacco use.

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone, can be subject to a condition know as TMJ disorder. Some of the common symptoms of TMJ disorder are ear pain, neck pain, swelling of the mouth, and muscle spasm.

TMJ treatment at our Fairfax and Arlington-area practice in Northern Virginia is customized to each patient depending on their particular situation. Early TMJ treatment starts with a simple consultation. After the consultation, diagnostic imaging and impressions are used to create a specific type of intraoral appliance.

Bad Breath Treatment

Too often, bad breath can interfere with a person’s personal as well as social life. For this reason, Dr. H. Charles Jelinek came up with a comprehensive bad breath treatment plan. Treatment for bad breath or halitosis can take many forms, from home treatment kits to “breath improvement” products. In order to successfully treat bad breath, a multi-stage, holistic approach is required. An accurate diagnosis is the first step to successful bad breath treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, bad breath is not only caused by dental decay. Kidney diseases, diabetes, and gallbladder dysfunctions are some of the possible reasons for bad breath. For this reason Dr. Jelinek urges his patients to seek professional help for bad breath treatment. At our Fairfax, Northern Virginia dental practice, our thorough new-patient exams and treatments can help identify some of the causes for bad breath and successfully treat this condition.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can arise for several reasons. In case of a dental emergency, Dr. H. Charles Jelinek is only a phone call away. In fact, our “No Waiting” policy allows us to see our patients within a few days, or the very same day if there’s a dental emergency.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element which helps protect teeth and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is found in various foods such as meat, fish, and eggs, as well as in water and tea. Fluoride strengthens the enamel of a tooth by remineralizing the enamel, thus helping to prevent tooth decay.

Children with developing teeth are usually at greater risk of developing cavities. Fluoride treatments such as prescription rinses and gels can remineralize the enamel and prevent tooth decay. If your child has a history of tooth decay or cavities, Dr. Jelinek can explain to you how fluoride treatments can help prevent cavities in children.   

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, is a condition in which people repeatedly grind, gnash, or clench their teeth during sleep. A morning headache or a sore jaw is often a tell-tale sign of teeth grinding. In some cases, chronic teeth grinding can result in fractured or damaged teeth. If you suspect a case of bruxism, Dr. Jelinek can examine your mouth and jaw for signs of teeth grinding. If bruxism goes untreated, there is a chance that it could result in tooth loss or TMJ disorder. Visit Dr. Jelinek for a consultation and find out how you can protect your teeth.

Dental Sealants

Most tooth decay in children and teens occurs on the grooves of the back teeth. The chewing surfaces collect germs and food particles which lead to cavities. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that can be applied to these grooves to protect teeth from decay. Dr. Jelinek does not drill or remove tooth structure when applying dental sealants; in fact, the process is short and simple.

Snoring Appliances

Snoring appliances come in many forms and shapes. If you are suffering from obstructive snoring or mild to moderate sleep apnea, snoring appliances can help to remedy this condition. There are several ways to treat snoring. Snoring therapy can take the form of a throat spray that coats the soft tissues of the throat with lubricating oils. Nasal dilation devices, which can either be small adhesive strips that hold open the nasal airways, plastic nasal devices, or nasal sprays, can also help reduce snoring. Perhaps the most common device among snoring appliances is a mouthpiece, a small plastic device that prevents the soft throat tissues from obstructing the airway.

Night Guards

Dental night guards can help minimize the damage caused by teeth grinding during sleep. If you experience bruxism, or teeth grinding, night guards can help protect your teeth and alleviate the symptoms associated with teeth grinding, such as jaw pain and headaches. Night guards sold through drug stores are not custom-made to fit your teeth; however, Dr. Jelinek molds night guards to fit the teeth of the individual patient.  If you experience teeth grinding, visit our Fairfax dental office for a consultation with Dr. Jelinek.

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