Sleep Apnea Treatment

Fairfax Dentist

Based on referrals, I sought treatment for my sleep apnea from Dr. Jelinek, Jr., DDS. Sleep apnea is a common disorder that results in the involuntary cessation of breath that occurs while someone is sleeping. I had severe sleep apnea and after several years of unsuccessful results from a CPAP machine, ... I was interested in trying an oral appliance. An oral appliance is a custom-fabricated dental device that moves the lower jaw into a forward position, increasing space in the airway. The extra space that is created prevents the airway from collapsing, which can help to reduce sleep apnea. Without treatment, sleep apnea can result in high blood pressure, which can damage the walls of the carotid arteries and increase the risk of stroke I elected to seek treatment from Dr. Jelinek because he is one of only five dentists in the Washington DC Metro area who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is especially qualified and experienced in treating patients with sleep apnea who are CPAP intolerant. My experience thus far has been OUTSTANDING! Dr. Jelinek and his entire staff are extremely professional, courteous and caring. Every step of the process in obtaining an oral appliance was explained in detail with measurement procedures performed in expert fashion. I have been using an oral appliance for approximately one month. The results were immediate and life changing. I now sleep throughout the entire night, not waking up 3 or 4 times like I was prior to my using an appliance. I am now able to reach such a deep sleep that I experience incredible dreams, compared to no memory of dreaming when I was previously waking up 3 or 4 times a night. I would rate my experience and results from Dr. Jelinek and his superb staff as an A+. I am very pleased and deeply appreciative with my improved ability to sleep through the night. I now look forward to an evening's sleep where my prior sleep experience was a constant battle to fall asleep. I sincerely thank and am very grateful to Dr. Jelinek and his entire crew for their dedication to improving the lives of patients through the use of an appliance that provides restorative sleep.Read more

- Howard C.

Pleasant Dental Experience

Dr. Jelinek and his staff are top notch! I've been going to him for over 20 years and he and his staff have always been professional and caring. They go out of their way to ensure your needs are met and go the extra mile when you have a dental issue. They make the experience pleasant and comfortable. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and caring dentist and attentive staff. Thank you Dr. Jelinek and staff!

Lisa Sprouse

Gentle and Professional

Dr. Jelinek's dental work, as well as, his sleep apnea work, are outstanding. During a dental procedure, Dr. Jelinek administered a novocaine shot, knowing that I was nervous, without me knowing that he had given me the shot. I was very impressed! Dr. Jelinek is professional, but very friendly. His dental work is gentle. He's an excellent dentist and, I would highly recommend his practice to anyone looking for a dentist. In addition, the staff are professional and caring. Allison and Haley are always welcoming and accommodating.

Sue Lafone

Fantastic Results

I came to Dr. Jelinek because my jaw actually locked and I couldn't open it. I've had the MRI's which show that I had some real issues with my jaws. I've done the appliances and the results have been fantastic, I have no more ringing in my ears, my jaw no longer hurts. I am extremely happy with the results and I'm looking forward to the end.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

My husband has severe sleep apnea and struggled getting used to a CPAP machine. He heard about Dr. Jelinek's customized oral device to treat sleep apnea as an alternative to using a CPAP machine and immediately ...sought treatment. The oral device he is using is specific to his jaw and basically keeps his jaw in place while he is sleeping. He's been using the oral device for about 3 months now and the results are amazing! His snoring is almost non-existent. He wakes up energized every morning and no longer requires daily naps. My quality of life has also improved because I can sleep peacefully now. This device changed our lives =) Thank you Dr. Jelinek! Read more

- Carla S.

TMJ Testimonial

Fairfax Dentist

How often do you meet a dentist who gets excited and energized when you’re making progress? I admit I was jaded and skeptical about my TMJ plan. I was desperate after so many uncaring TMJ experts turned out to be a bandaid at best. This guy cares and his approach has changed ... my attitude about how much I can overcome the pain and side effects of TMJ. My results are beyond what I had imagined in my best case dreams. Still working towards a complete and lasting cure at 6 months. But I’m pain free in every sense and better every day. I’m confident I’ll get there for the first time ever. If you’re serious about getting this monkey off your back he’s your man. He gets my highest recommendation and thanks. Read more

- Heather Callahan

TMJ Testimonial

If possible, I would post 10 stars for Dr. Charles Jelinek and his entire staff! Why? Because it is richly deserved. I suffered a fall and hit my head 14 months ago, and went from being a very healthy 70 year old woman, to a woman who suffered daily excruciating head and jaw pain. ... Months went by and I saw specialists after specialists, including internists, neurologists, and ENT doctors. Migraines, cluster headaches, and sinus infections were all ruled out as the source of my pain. Luckily, I have a great neurologist who really did his homework by ruling out other conditions that would cause the constant level 10 pain I was experiencing. Approximately 6 months, after another examination, he said I believe your head and jaw pain is coming from TMJ, and I am going to refer you to Dr. Charles Jelinek, who is the best and most knowledgeable of dentists in this complex, often misunderstood condition. I immediately contacted Dr. Jelinek's office, made my first appointment, and began my road to recovery!!! My first visit lasted 1 1/2 hours and involved extensive xrays and scans of my head, jaw and face...no other dentist had ever taken this thorough of an approach. After reviewing all my tests, Dr. Jelinek spent 45 minutes going over in detail what my results were: A severe case of TMJ. Dr. Jelinek then ordered an appliance made to exact specifications based on the pertinent data from my tests. Fast forward to today, when I am celebrating my fifth month of wearing my lower mouth appliance 24/7, and rejoicing in the fact that my daily headaches have lessened to one or two a month, and my jaw pain is about 75% alleviated. For anyone out there who has TMJ and wants to alleviate the chronic head and jaw pain, run, don't walk, to see Dr. Jelinek. You will be greeted in the waiting room with fresh chocolate chip cookies, and warm smiling faces of his highly competent staff! Read more

- Bonnie Rekemeyer

Sleep Apnea Treatment

From my first phone call to my very own oral appliance for Sleep Apnea, Dr. H. Charles Jelinek and his team were nothing short of an exceptional patient and human experience!! I suffered from fatigue ... despite exercise, headaches upon awakening and unrefreshed sleep and was diagnosed with sleep apnea after a sleep study. Dr. Jelinek is one of the very select few Diplomates of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine in the DC Metro, MD and Northern Virginia region. I sought him out after thorough research. In a few short weeks, from a phone call to his office to Judy, a complete insurance benefits review by Erin along with a evaluation and comprehensive examination and follow up by Dr. Jelinek and his dental assistants I was fitted with an oral device. I have been using for several weeks now. On the very first night that I used the device, the quality of my sleep and the absence of snoring was so profound that even I was unbelievably surprised. More importantly, my wife completely vouched and validated my experience. I am very grateful to Dr. Jelinek and his entire team for making such a wonderful difference in treatment both from a technical expertise and a genuine patient experience point of view!!! Read more

- Vic K.

CPAP Solution

Fairfax Dentist

So I coudn't use a cpap machine, I was not able to adjust to it, so we thought to Dr. Jelinek does mouth peice and oral appliances and since using oral appliance I notice significant improvement in my energy when I wake up, specially during things like sitting down and typing or watching movie or just TV in general. I also don't have a low in middle of the day where loose energy. I kept that energy up, I am sleeping roughly 6.5-7 hours a night. I am dreaming again which is nice. This is overall a fantastic experience.

Invisalign Testimonial

Fairfax Dentist

I came to Dr. Jelinek’s office in 2011 to do Invisalign. I’ve been here for about a year and it was very easy process. I’m very happy with the results. I had actually done regular braces as a child. Unfortunately, it did not work but being a patient here with Dr. Jelinek was a fantastic experience. I have continued to be a patient of his since then. It’s now about 8 years later and I’m still very happy with the results. As long as you follow the guidelines, it’s a very simple process.

- Priscilla

Emergency Treatment

I first heard of Dr. Jelinek from my daughter who had an emergency on a weekend some years back. She was in such pain she couldn't find a dentist but she was able to locate one that was on call, it was Dr. Jelinek. She was given much relief and a wonderful treatment and she came out of her serious problem with glowing reports of this wonderful wonderful man. So, when I needed dental work she put a rood up my spine and said, "Mother, I know just who you need to go to". She wouldn't let up until I called and got an appointment and I have never looked back.

Sleeping Through the Night

I first came to see Dr. Jelinek for sleep apnea. It was suspected sleep apnea and Dr. Jelinek identified an issue with sleep apnea and treating me since. What I use to think was normal which was waking up tired, haven't taking nap in a day, frequent headache during a day. This all has been eliminated because of the treatment for sleep apnea. I am sleeping through night again for the first time ever since I remember. I am seeing Dr. Jelinek also for my regular dental checkups and I am very happy with Dr. Jelinek and his courteous staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Jelinek for anybody that is looking for dental services.

Exceptional Practice

I can just say that I have been with Dr. Jelinek in his practice since he started and simply speaking there is nobody better. Really an exceptional practice and staff and Dr. Jelinek an exemplary, I wouldn’t even consider changing him.

Alternate Sleep Treatment

I am a CPAP intolerant person and I found I was taking, pulling my mask off every night and Hanna Moon at Virginia Heart suggested I come to see Dr. Jelinek because he had an alternative method with this oral appliance and I absolutely love it. He is a really fine, good person. I enjoyed being here and this works very well for me.

Best Dental Office

I have been going to Dr. Jelinek for about 5 years now. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Jelinek and the staff. They are the best dental office I have ever been to.

Chris Gill

TMJ Testimonial

I started out with a lot of issues with my jaw. A lot of popping, clicking, and lots of headaches and pain. Went to an ENT and they actually referred me here. Ever since I started with the appliance I've seen a noticeable difference. I’ve probably had one or two headaches out of like every two or three months. Which is drastically different than a couple a day. There is no more popping, I don't really have as much soreness while eating. Overall it has been a really positive experience.

- Charvey Smith

Friendly and Great Work

My son and I have have both been patients of Dr. Jelinek for years. He and his staff are always professional, friendly, and do great work.

Andrew Williams

No More Fear

Fairfax Dentist

For a long time, I did not go to the dentist because I had this overwhelming fear. I feel extremely fortunate that I am his patient. I don't think that I have heard other people talk about their visit to the dental office, and it's entirely different. Here they take into a lot if consideration what is going on with the patient, and its a more relaxed feel. I have a lot of trust in Dr. Jelinek. First of all he is very professional when interacting with him, but he is also very personable as well and that is very important because you don't want to feel that someone is just not listening to what is going on in terms of your dental issues, but also is taking an interest in you as well as a person.

Well-Kept and Very Nice

I like the office, the environment. As soon as you walk in you see a well-kept area and you can tell that they care about their practice. They take care of it, and the people are very nice. Dr. Jelinek has always been very nice, very helpful. Any questions I had he was able to answer. He is really easy to talk to.

Accomodating Dental Office

Before I came I hadn't seen a dentist in 5 years, because I was afraid of them! But I have been coming here for about 12 years now and I am not scared anymore. I do my teeth cleaning, I've had my teeth whitened, I've had my fillings replaced, and I have had bonding on my front tooth because I cracked it when I was a kid and a big chuck came out of it. He's repaired it to the fact that you couldn't tell - you wouldn't even notice. The reason I would recommend Dr. Jelinek is because he is good at what he does; his staff is wonderful, they are very good at scheduling appointments for when I can come. They are very accommodating, very nice, professional, friendly and that's the biggest reason.

Holistic Dentist

I've been a patient of Dr. Jelinek's for 12 years and he is the best dentist I have ever had. Dr. Jelinek is by far the most professional, the most caring and probably the most holistic dentist that I have ever had. He tends to treat the whole person, not just my mouth or the tooth. He will give me suggestions and let me make my own decisions. When he works with me, he has nothing but my well being in mind.

Enjoy Visits

Enjoy the visit talking with Dr Donohue as well as the service.

Mike Emery

Fantastic Dentist

I've have a lot of things and I have been with Dr. Jelinek probably for over 15 years, and the biggest thing that I have had done is my porcelain veneers. He did a fantastic job. It was an easy process, it didn't take that long, and I feel like they're my permanent teeth. I don't feel any difference and I've been complimented a lot on my smile. After my veneers, I became more confident. He is very caring to his patients, he listens to them - he has an incredible memory! His support staff responds very well with him and with the patients.

Very Positive Experience

Hi, I came to Dr. Jelinek's office because I had a pain in my jaw for quiet sometime. In past year it has been very difficult for me to bite into any object and my mouth was barely opening. Dr. Jelinek had was my Einstein and then I got my oral implants about a month ago and within about 4-5 days I noticed a major improvement in my jaw pain, and also my ear which I had a lot of almost like stuffiness in my ear which totally has been relieved. I am very happy right now with progress that has been made, I feel like my pain is lost, I am sleeping better, I am hearing better. In overall, it was very positive experience.

Trusted Doctor

Our family has been coming to see Dr. Jelinek for a little over 20 years! He does excellent work! I trust everything that he does. I like the way he works, he is always sensitive to your comfort. He is just a great person, very personable. With crowns, the man's a wizard.In general he is an excellent dentist. As far as up-to-date, staying current, etc. I will trust him with anything in my mouth.

Excellent Doctor and Staff

I have dentist phobia Dr. Jelinek has such a wonderful way with people. He does the best shots for numbing - no pain. He is concerned about you as a person as well as your dental well-being. He explains what he's doing in advanced. He's constantly checking to see if you're all right. I do recommend Dr. Jelinek because he is very professional. He has an excellent staff. He makes dental work, to me, a good experience.

Excellent Care

My family has been under Dr. Donahue's care for longer than I can date. We gladly followed him to Dr. Jelinek's practice a few years ago. The office atmosphere and our care are excellent.

Dale Orwig

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