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    The New Patient Welcome offer includes a cleaning by one of our great Hygienists! The Hygienist will also take any necessary X-rays (4 Bite Wings). Once the cleaning is completed, Cosmetic and General Dentist, H. Charles Jelinek Jr., D.D.S., will do a thorough exam and oral cancer check.

    This offer is for new patients only. May not be combined with insurance.

    Complete the form below or call our office to take advantage of this offer!

    Offer Expires 06/23/2018

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Rave Reviews

I first heard of Dr. Jelinek from my daughter who had an emergency on a weekend some years back. She was in such pain she couldn't find a dentist but she was able to locate one that was on call, it was Dr. Jelinek. She was given much relief and a wonderful treatment and she came out of her serious problem with glowing reports of this wonderful wonderful man. So, when I needed dental work she put a rood up my spine and said, "Mother, I know just who you need to go to". She wouldn't let up until I called and got an appointment and I have never looked back.

I came to Dr. Jelinek because my jaw actually locked and I couldn't open it. I've had the MRI's which show that I had some real issues with my jaws. I've done the appliances and the results have been fantastic, I have no more ringing in my ears, my jaw no longer hurts. I am extremely happy with the results and I'm looking forward to the end.

I first came to see Dr. Jelinek for sleep apnea. It was suspected sleep apnea and Dr. Jelinek identified an issue with sleep apnea and treating me since. What I use to think was normal which was waking up tired, haven’t taking nap in a day, frequent headache during a day. This all has been eliminated because of the treatment for sleep apnea. I am sleeping through night again for the first time ever since I remember. I am seeing Dr. Jelinek also for my regular dental checkups and I am very happy with Dr. Jelinek and his courteous staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Jelinek for anybody that is looking for dental services.

I can just say that I have been with Dr. Jelinek in his practice since he started and simply speaking there is nobody better. Really an exceptional practice and staff and Dr. Jelinek an exemplary, I wouldn’t even consider changing him.

Hi, I came to Dr. Jelinek's office because I had a pain in my jaw for quiet sometime. In past year it has been very difficult for me to bite into any object and my mouth was barely opening. Dr. Jelinek had was my Einstein and then I got my oral implants about a month ago and within about 4-5 days I noticed a major improvement in my jaw pain, and also my ear which I had a lot of almost like stuffiness in my ear which totally has been relieved. I am very happy right now with progress that has been made, I feel like my pain is lost, I am sleeping better, I am hearing better. In overall, it was very positive experience.

Kelley has been coming to Dr. Jelinek's office in Fairfax, Northern Virginia for over 10 years. She appreciates the relaxed environment and the top-notch staff. Kelley would recommend Dr. Jelinek to anyone because he is very competent, detail oriented, and he gives his patients the best treatment possible.

Phil hadn't been in the dental office for a long time because of his fear of going to the dentist. Phil feels very fortunate to have found Dr. Jelinek's Northern Virginia dental practice. Phil would recommend Dr. Charles Jelinek, Jr. to anyone because of "the excellent care" that he receives at Dr. Jelinek's practice.

Angela loves coming to our Fairfax dental practice because of the welcoming environment and the top-notch staff. Angela is also impressed by how Dr. Jelinek mixes advanced technology with state-of-the-art dentistry work.

Elena hadn't seen a dentist for more than 10 years before she came to Dr. Jelinek's dental practice because of her dental phobia. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jelinek had done several dental works for Elena, from teeth cleaning to teeth whitening. In this clip, Elena explains how a kind and gentle approach at this Fairfax dental practice helped her overcome her dental fears and how much she loves her new, beautiful smile.

Before she had her veneers done at our Fairfax office near Vienna, VA, Aida wasn't confident with her smile and often smiled with her mouth closed. Porcelain veneers gave Aida the confidence she needed to be more comfortable smiling and talking to people. Aida's loves the way her veneers transformed her smile.

Maurice and his family have been coming to Dr. Jelinek's dental office in Fairfax, VA for more than 20 years. In this clip, Maurice explains how his entire families are now patients of Dr. Jelinek. Maurice refers to Dr. Jelinek as a dentist who is "very sensitive to your comfort."

Dr. H. Charles Jelinek, Jr. is uniquely experienced general and cosmetic dentist and has been serving Fairfax, Alexandria, and surrounding Northern Virginia communities for a long period of time. In this clip, Linda describes how thorough and attentive Dr. H. Charles Jelinek, Jr. is to all his patients.

Denise has been coming to Dr. Jelinek's dental office, serving Fairfax, Vienna, and surrounding Northern Virginia, for 12 years. Denise enjoys the comfort and high quality care she receives from Dr. Jelinek and says that Dr. Jelinek is the best dentist she has ever had.