How Does Toothpaste Work?

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It’s something we have been using twice a day, every day for our entire lives, but how much do you actually know about toothpaste and how it works? Everyone knows that toothpaste helps clean our teeth and helps get rid of bad breath, but does anyone actually know how?

Toothpaste is more than just a minty soap that is used to clean teeth; it is made from several different ingredients to thoroughly clean your mouth. It consist of an abrasive to help remove plaque, a substance which prevents the growth of bacteria, a cleaning agent, flavoring, and sometimes coloring agents are added. A lot of different toothpastes also have special additives such as teeth whitening agents or fluoride used to create additional reasons to choose certain toothpastes.

You may have noticed that there are tons of choices down the dental isle of your local supermarket; there are tons of different choices of toothpastes depending on what you are looking for. It may take some trial and error but in the end the right toothpaste can leave you with a beautiful fresh smile!

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