Fairfax Dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek embraces Fairfax Invisible Braces - Fairfax Invisalign.

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You have seen the ads on TV for Invisalign.  But what are these invisible braces?  And are they really invisible?  Yes they are.  Several patients of Fairfax dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek have commented that their co workers had no idea that they were even wearing the Invisalign clear braces. So naturally these patients are much less likely to feel awkward to go through teeth straightening as an adult as compared to the traditional metal bands and brackets.

The invisible braces are clear liners that worn 24/7 except while eating that repositions the teeth.  Typically each set of liners is worn for about 2 weeks, then a new set is worn.  The liners are worn until the individual is happy with his/her smile. Another advantage to these adult braces is that the treatment time is shorter when the goal of treatment is a cosmetic concern.  Between family and college reunions, upcoming weddings and a host of other events that makes us want to look better, we can now make clear braces a solution to our concerns.

And finally the cost of Fairfax Invisalign is lower than two years of traditional orthodontics. Call today for a consultation (703) 584-5024

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