Fairfax Cosmetic Dentist creates beautiful smiles with Fairfax Dental Implants!

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Fairfax dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek introduces his patients to their third set of teeth. First there are the baby teeth followed by ones adult teeth and now we have Fairfax dental implants. With the advent of dental implants individuals can now still enjoy the things they always loved to do when they had a full compliment of teeth - smile and eat. And the beauty of it is that Fairfax dental implants can look just like your natural teeth.

Another one of the advantages to having dental implants is that they help the adjacent natural teeth last longer. By not replacing a missing tooth with an Fairfax dental implant, there are fewer teeth to chew with and so the remaining teeth have to carry more of the load in regards to chewing. But a dental implant doesn't give like a natural tooth with chewing. So by not giving, the dental implant takes more of the load or forces off the surrounding teeth, hence they last longer.

And the nice thing about Fairfax dental implants is there will never be a need for a root canal or a need to extract the tooth due to gum disease. Hence less dental bills long term. Call today to learn more about Fairfax dental implants with cosmetic dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek at (703) 560-8700.