Restoring Your Confidence With Porcelain Veneers!

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Dental veneers are used as a form of cosmetic dentistry to correct tooth enamel that is worn, discolored, chipped or cracked, or uneven tooth spacing. While creating beautiful, bright smiles, they also protect the surface of the already damaged teeth which may eliminate the need for further treatments.

Veneers are made with different materials, including composite resin and porcelain. Porcelain veneers has been known to be used for the more serious cases of damaged teeth. these veneers has been proven to last up to 16-20 years.

Porcelain veneers  can be made as thin as a contact lens. They are more stain resistant than resin veneers, and are better able to  and are better at mimicking the light properties of natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are also very safe for sensitive patients since there is no drilling and no removal of the tooth structure - there is no pain involved!!

So, come on in and schedule a consultation with your Fairfax Dentist
H. Charles Jelinek, Jr, DDS, and let us show you how we can improve your smile with Porcelain veneers.


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The biggest hindrance to many people getting the dental care they need is the financial obligation involved. Many do not have insurance to cover most dental procedures and are faced with out of pocket expenses that are just too much for them. 


CareCredit may be the answer to their problems. It is a personal line of credit to be used solely for healthcare services. CareCredit various monthly plans where the user will have a certain length of time to pay for their procedure. instead of having to come up with the full payment at the time of treatment. 

However, CareCredit is not for everyone. It is a credit card, and is approval is based on past credit history from the applicant(s). Many doctors offer CareCredit to their patients because they want to continue to offer the best care necessary. Your Fairfax Dentist offer CareCredit as one of their finance options as they are very sensitive to the fact that in today's changing economy, many people have different financial obligations and being unable to pay for treatment in full will deter many from getting the necessary care required.

Come or call us to discuss all financial options which may be available to you!!!!

Fairfax Dental Implants - As Good As It Gets

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Dental implants have been around for over 30 years. They are a proven safe and reliable solution to replace missing teeth. They can replace one tooth or many. Additionally they can firmly anchor dentures and partial dentures.

Dental implant vs bridges: Many times implants are much better than bridges for replacing a missing tooth. A bridge is a three tooth or more solution to a one tooth problem. The construction of a bridge sometimes involves cutting down adjacent teeth to serve as anchors for the structure. It is a good solution but an implant can be better because the adjacent teeth that are otherwise healthy don’t have to be cut down.

So an implant can be the next best thing to your natural tooth. Call Fairfax dentist H Charles Jelinek, Jr, DDS today for a complimentary Fairfax dental implant consultation (703)560-8700. And SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE!!!!


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Many people would love to have their teeth straighter, but don't want to go through the ordeal of getting traditional metal braces. There's a huge investment of both time and money, and each tightening is rather painful. Have you ever wondered how to straighten your teeth without braces? In FAIRFAX VIRGINIA at Dr. H Charles Jelinek Jr’s Dental office, you can get Invisalign and get the smile you've always wanted.

How to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces In FAIRFAX VA - The Easy Way

Invisalign is a method of straightening your teeth that avoids the painful ordeal of traditional metal braces. Computer technology uses three dimensional imaging to form a series of clear, invisible trays that gently and gradually realign your teeth. It's the answer to the question of how to straighten your teeth without braces!

Ask us your cosmetic dentist if Invisalign is right for you and schedule a consultation. This special technology can actually show you how your smile, face, and profile will appear once the smile transformation is complete. Because the trays are formed to your own teeth and molded precisely, the results are very predictable and manageable.

What Do I Need To Consider For Invisible Braces?

When you're thinking about how to straighten your teeth without braces, you might assume not many people are candidates, or that it might take longer than traditional braces. Not true! In fact, Invisalign can correct many common problems, such as: crowded teeth, gapped teeth, over-bites, under-bites, cross-bites, and other misalignments of the teeth.

The time required for Invisalign is typically between 9 and 18 months. Every few weeks, you move to the next set of dental trays, which gradually encourage your teeth to move into line. You can remove the trays to brush, floss, and eat, but generally, Invisalign trays are worn at least 22 hours per day.

Because the trays can be removed for eating and brushing, you won't have the uneven plaque build-up and difficulty cleaning your teeth that many people experience with traditional braces. However, keep in mind that if the trays are being taken out often for frequent snacking, the treatment may take longer or not be as effective.

The best benefit of Invisalign is that no one but you and your dentist need to know that you're straightening your teeth. Adults don't have to experience the embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal. Invisalign doesn't affect your speech either, so no one will be able to tell!

For more information about how to straighten your teeth without braces in FAIRFAX Virginia, to see before and after photos, learn more about the details of the procedure, or request an appointment for a complimentary consultation call us today at 703-560-8700.


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Comparing Invisalign® and traditional wire and metal bracket braces would be, in a sense, like comparing apples and oranges. Both are different solutions designed to serve different sets of patients. It is true that prior to the arrival of Invisalign® there was only a “one size fits all” solution of traditional braces in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

However, the Invisalign® FAIRFAX system has provided patients with an option. Invisalign aligners are completely transparent, which makes them virtually invisible to other people. As a result, the patient’s aesthetic appearance is not compromised at all. The other advantage is the superior comfort and ability to remove the aligners at the time of eating, drinking or cleaning of the teeth. Many dentists believe that traditional metal braces are harder on the teeth and gum tissues, whereas clear plastic braces are lighter and softer on the gums.

Some studies on the effects of traditional braces have also indicated that over a period of time, these braces do cause root resorption (shortening of roots) to an extent in many patients. Tooth decay is also more commonly noticed in patients who use traditional braces for a long time. This happens because the traditional braces cannot be removed even while eating or cleaning the teeth. Even at the time of dental exams, the metal braces may cause obstruction and prevent accurate x-ray results. These limitations are entirely avoided with Invisalign® because they are removable during such activities.

The Invisalign® solution may also be more accurate in terms of design and construction because it involves computerized planning which results in a perfect outcome. Computerized planning and treatment is a key part of the Invisalign® system protocol.

Your straight teeth and beautiful healthy smile are just a phone call away! Call us today for your complimentary consultation 703-560-8700.


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Seniors have two methods for replacing lost teeth: dentures or FAIRFAX DENTAL IMPLANTS. Deciding which is better may seem like a lot of work, but it really all comes down to assessing the benefits and disadvantages associated with a denture appliance or having a dental implant procedure performed. After assessing the pros and cons of both options, the senior can make a prudent decision on what treatment method is best.

Dentures Advantages

When a senior has dentures, they can smile with a greater degree of confidence. Being able to smile will allow the senior enjoy socializing with others, and he or she can also feel more comfortable during close communications with family and friends.

Dentures also help the wearer to maintain a natural face appearance: the face does not appear sunken or misaligned when dentures are in place. What’s more, when a senior wears dentures they are not forced to deal with the speech impediments associated with lost teeth.

Dentures offer practical benefits too since wearing them allows for the senior to chew foods with greater efficiency. Instead of having to avoid foods, the senior can consume many of the foods that they might not attempt to eat without teeth.

Financially speaking, dentures can be far less expensive than the cost of dental implant procedures.

Dentures Disadvantages

When a senior first gets a partial or a full set of dentures, it will take a period of time to adjust to the new appliance. One’s speaking patterns will change over time as the person gets used to wearing the appliance on a daily basis.

Dentures can sometimes float in the mouth, become loose, and cause problems with speaking and chewing. Dentures also have to be removed to be cleaned too so that mouth sores and gum irritations do not develop.

Sometimes, dentures can break and require repair or replacement. In addition, a denture appliance will eventually have to be replaced as one’s mouth changes over the years.

Dental Implants Advantages

Dental implants offer many of the advantages for seniors that dentures do and more. With dental implants, the teeth are individually replaced and attached directly to the jaw bone so that they feel and look like real teeth.

The patient has a better looking smile, more confidence, a greater ability to chew foods, and implants can help prevent issues like TMJ due to the misalignment of teeth in the mouth. Dental implants, once in place, can last the entire lifetime of the senior without requiring replacement.

Dental Implants Disadvantages

The primary disadvantage of dental implants is identified in cost factors and dental implants take a considerable amount of time to complete as they are put into one’s mouth in stages.

Call Dr. H Charles Jelinek Jr today for a complimentary implant consultation

703-560-8700. You no longer need to deal with the embarrassment of having dentures fall out when you speak!




Fairfax Cosmetic Dentist creates beautiful smiles with Fairfax Dental Implants!

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Fairfax dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek introduces his patients to their third set of teeth. First there are the baby teeth followed by ones adult teeth and now we have Fairfax dental implants. With the advent of dental implants individuals can now still enjoy the things they always loved to do when they had a full compliment of teeth - smile and eat. And the beauty of it is that Fairfax dental implants can look just like your natural teeth.

Another one of the advantages to having dental implants is that they help the adjacent natural teeth last longer. By not replacing a missing tooth with an Fairfax dental implant, there are fewer teeth to chew with and so the remaining teeth have to carry more of the load in regards to chewing. But a dental implant doesn't give like a natural tooth with chewing. So by not giving, the dental implant takes more of the load or forces off the surrounding teeth, hence they last longer.

And the nice thing about Fairfax dental implants is there will never be a need for a root canal or a need to extract the tooth due to gum disease. Hence less dental bills long term. Call today to learn more about Fairfax dental implants with cosmetic dentist Dr Chuck Jelinek at (703) 560-8700.